Maintain consistent, warm temperatures

With an ordinary furnace, your indoor temperature can fluctuate from your desired settings. Advanced Carrier ComfortHeat™ technology allows your furnace to maintain temperatures consistently close to your desired setting by running longer, quieter heating cycles—reducing temperature swings by half.

Ordinary furnaces warm your home with a series of full-speed-ahead blasts of warm air that leave your home too warm or too cold. When the furnace isn’t running, the temperature can drop before the next heating cycle begins.

Gas furnaces with ComfortHeat technology operate at low heating capacity up to 90% of the time, making the furnace quieter and much more energy efficient. Ordinary furnaces can only operate at full capacity, which increases noise and energy usage.

Plus, when a variable speed unit with ComfortHeat is matched with a Carrier Thermidistat™ Control, the IdealHumidity™ System can remove up to 30 times more moisture from your home than an ordinary cooling system—allowing you to set the temperature in your home higher.



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