Meeting Government Standards


As government standards and requirements continue evolving to require heating and cooling manufacturers to improve product efficiency and use environmentally friendly materials, the experts at Carrier and Trane lead the way. From engineering high efficiency heat pumps and air conditioners, and Carrier introducing Puron® Refrigerant, we are on the leading edge of innovation to work to create the sophisticated heating and cooling products of tomorrow.

Higher SEER Requirements for 2006

Like many consumer products that use energy, air conditioners and heat pumps are manufactured to meet or exceed minimum efficiency standards set by the U.S. Department of Energy. After nearly a decade with 10 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) as the minimum efficiency, January 23, 2006 marks the mandated increase to 13 SEER.

Who will this affect?

The 13 SEER minimum applies to all new equipment manufactured on or after January 23, 2006. You may continue to use your current system indefinitely, even if it operates below 13 SEER, but when it’s time to replace your system, only 13 SEER or higher models will be available.

Higher SEER means cost-savings and energy efficiency

For many homeowners, a 13 SEER air conditioner or heat pump will save money on each month’s electric bill. Exactly how much you can save will depend on the efficiency of your current system. For example, a 13 SEER product:

  • Delivers about 23% energy savings compared to 10 SEER models
  • Delivers about 8% energy savings compared to 12 SEER models

Actual savings will depend on the age, efficiency and condition of the unit being replaced, but if you are currently considering a new air conditioner or heat pump, it makes sense to start saving now with a 13 SEER product. Carrier offers several heat pumps and air conditioners that meet and exceed the 13 SEER requirement—even up to an industry high 21 SEER.

To learn more about the 2006 13 SEER efficiency mandate, visit

Refrigerant Upgrades

Another change you need to be aware of is the phase out of R-22, the refrigerant most commonly used in today’s air conditioners and heat pumps. By 2010, all new air conditioners and heat pumps will be required to use non-ozone-depleting environmentally sound refrigerant, such as Puron Refrigerant. (Carrier has been supplying Puron refrigerant-based products for over 10 years and is already fully compliant with the 2010 mandate.) This phase out has been mandated in an effort to help protect the Earth’s ozone layer. By making the change to Puron Refrigerant now, you can protect yourself from the potentially higher future costs of servicing an air conditioner or heat pump that uses R-22.

Carrier Innovation Leads the Way

Whether it’s engineering tomorrow’s efficient and cost-saving 13 SEER and higher air conditioners and heat pumps, or offering a wide range of products with environmentally sound Puron Refrigerant, Carrier is putting innovation to work to develop the heating and cooling products that will keep your home healthy and comfortable tomorrow.



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