Evaporator Coils and Fan Coils

Complete your sophisticated home heating and cooling system

Our fan coils heat and circulate air in your forced air heating system, while evaporator coils work with your forced air heating and cooling system to condition the air for circulation throughout your home. We are always available to help you choose the perfect coil for your system.

Air conditioners and heat pumps have been around for many generations. Carrier should know, because Carrier helped originate this industry with Willis Carrier’s discovery of the principles for modern air conditioning back in 1902. One issue that has become an across-the-board concern for all manufacturers in our industry is indoor coil failures due to corrosion. Not only did Carrier identify the problem, we were the first to offer a solution. Tin plating in Carrier’s ArmorCoat™ coils allows us to continue using copper coils for superior heat transfer while significantly reducing the corrosive impact of airborne pollutants. And this isn’t just a band-aid fix with a limited product line.

We offer a full complement of ArmorCoat indoor coils to match virtually all new and existing Carrier residential air conditioner and heat pump applications. That means no matter where you are and what type of system you own, you can continue to enjoy the comfort, energy efficiency and performance you expect when you choose The Woodlands Air Conditioning and Heating Company.

Coil corrosion seems to be more prevalent in high humidity regions. However, our research revealed that the indoor environment is a much bigger factor than geographical or climate-based issues. Pollutants in the home environment are a primary contributor to coil corrosion and subsequent failure. This is especially true in newly constructed homes, where the building materials often emit high levels of corrosion-causing agents. Because today’s homes are better sealed and insulated to conserve energy, they are also better at trapping these corrosive agents. Additionally, increased environmental awareness has led to more diligent efforts to locate and repair any refrigerant leaks. And you can trust Carrier coil products with ArmorCoat to deliver your comfort year after year.

Fan Coils

  • Heats & cools refrigerant and circulates air
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