Let’s Have Some Fun!

This NFL playoff season we are having fun with our Facebook Page and supporting a great business in The Woodlands. We are holding raffles where you could win a FREE $50 gift certificate to Hubbell & Hudson just by being our friend on Facebook. Our next raffle is January 19 for a $50 gift certificate. We’ll have similar raffles on the January 26 and 30.

On the Monday before the Super Bowl, we’ll have a “Woodlands Wally Challenge: Guess the Super Bowl” raffle where you, our Fb friend, must predict the outcome of the Super Bowl. Whoever makes the closest prediction, wins a gift certificate. Let the games begin! You only need to “Like” us on Facebook to enter!

Here are The Rules & Procedures:

  1. No purchase is necessary to participate in the raffle or to use the gift certificate. Participants in the raffle are under no obligation to The Woodlands Heating and Air Conditioning during or after any raffle. Participants will not be added to any mailing or spam list, so rest assured that we’re just having fun!
  2. You must “Like” us on Facebook to be eligible for the raffle.
  3. Persons related to Woodlands Wally (our team mascot) by profession or family are not eligible for the raffle. For you folks, sit on your hands and watch!
  4. Only individuals living in The Woodlands and surrounding communities that have not won a previous raffle are eligible. No businesses, groups, events, etc…
  5. After we get a “clean” list of eligible participants, we assign a number relating to order in which they “liked” us. The first eligible person to like us is #1, the second person is #2, and so forth. This is not a ranking and there’s no favor in being number 1 here, because….
  6. When we do the drawing, a person not knowledgeable of the raffle participants will visit http://www.random.org and generate a random number between 1 and total number (both inclusive) of eligible participants.
  7. After we announce the winner, the winner must accept the gift certificate by 8 P.M., the following Monday.
  8. All information we use during the raffle we will be kept completely confidential, including participants’ mailing address. The only information shared is the information participants have publicly available on their Facebook account.
  9. Unused balances on gift certificates cannot be exchanged for cash, so eat up with a date or your friends!
  10. For the “Woodlands Wally Challenge:Guess the Super Bowl” raffle, you must post the scores for each team closest to the final score for each team. In the event that the different Fb users post the same score, they will split the raffle, if both are eligible.
  11. Did we mention that you need to “Like” us on Facebook to be eligible?



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