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Remote Climate Access is included with your new thermostat!

The Trane Comfort Control is more than just a thermostat. You have chosen a connected device that allows you to manage the climate of your home even when you’re not there. Remotely access your thermostat—from any internet-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer—to adjust the temperature, set limits, and schedule changes. Besides the benefit of convenience, this added level of control can also help to reduce your heating and cooling system’s energy consumption.

Nexia is a leading home automation platform

Since 2008, Nexia has made it easy to be in the know and in control of your home – even when you’re constantly on the go. An all-in-one app that connects your smart devices through Z-Wave technology, Nexia streamlines the way you manage your day. By performing everyday tasks like automatically locking the front door on your way out or turning on the lights before you come home, Nexia empowers you to lead an active life without worrying about what’s happening at home. It’s almost like being in two places at once.

What is Z-Wave, exactly? It’s a next-generation wireless technology that allows communication between virtually any electronic device in your home via low-powered radio waves that travel through walls, floors, and cabinets. Read more about Z-Wave at the “Z-Wave for Consumers” on the official Z-Wave® Alliance website.

Online Support

For support with your Nexia Home Intelligence product, please visit Nexia Support webpage at:

  • Here, you can create a new account, learn about the Nexia features, troubleshoot and view FAQ’s.
  • Problems with wifi connectivity on your Trane Connected Thermostat are usually easily resolved by simply recycling the power to the system. To recycle power, simply turn the Furnace circuit breaker on your electrical panel. Or, there is a switch located near the attic entrance that controls power to the furnace.

Or, feel free to call us. We’re happy to help!



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