Why Trane

It’s hard to stop a Trane

Trane is legendary for its cooling and heating technology. Trane was founded in La Crosse, Wisconsin in 1885 has been an industry leader for over 120 years. We offer the full range of Trane products.

Our split system air conditioning and heat pump outdoor units all have fully louvered panels to protect the outdoor coil from damage, as well as tough powder paint finishes and weather-resistant screws. At Trane, the don’t just build our products. They own patents on them.

Trane is the only manufacturer to offer the patented all-aluminum Spine Fin™ outdoor coil. The Spine Fin™ outdoor coils provide greater heat-transfer capabilities, thus resulting in higher efficiencies and greater resistance to corrosion than traditional copper/aluminum coils. Our XV20i model is among the highest SEER ratings (cooling efficiency) systems in the industry.

Trane’s gas furnaces feature self-diagnostic controls, a heavy steel 40-inch-high, insulated cabinet, hot surface igniter, multi-port in-shot burners, one-piece heat exchangers with no welds, durable pre-painted finish, and some of the highest efficiencies in the industry, making Trane an obvious choice. This reliability and efficiency extends to our line of top performing All-in-One systems, packaging all your heating and cooling needs into one sleek cabinet for versatile installation.

We are also the variable-speed airflow experts. We offer variable-speed furnaces and revolutionary Hyperion™ air handlers can do things other manufacturer’s products can’t, such as superb humidity control with Comfort-R™. This feature allows the coil to get cold faster and the furnace blower to slowly ramp up and down, or to operate at 50 percent of cooling speed in the “Fan On” position. This provides greater air circulation and filtration, even temperature distribution, humidity control, and quiet performance. Variable-speed motors are the most efficient motors as well, increasing the overall efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system.

And when it comes to cleaner air, the revolutionary Trane CleanEffects™ is the industry’s most effective whole-home air filtration system, capable of removing up to 99.98% of the allergens and harmful particles from your family’s air.

Trane’s Climatuff® compressor is one tough component of their award winning air conditioners and heat pumps. They have a testing facility in Texas that runs their units in demanding and unrelenting. They have one compressor that has been running non-stop since 2000. They call it Snowball II.

Let’s show you why it’s hard to stop a Trane

Snowball II is the nickname for the durable Climatuff® compressor at Trane’s SEET testing facility. It’s named for the block of ice it has encased itself in by running nonstop since 2000, and still is today.

Snowball II lives at the Trane SEET lab in Tyler, Texas. SEET stands for Systems Extreme Environmental Test, where the durable Climatuff® compressor is constantly running, enduring extreme heat and cold, working tirelessly at high pressure levels and proving that it really is hard to stop a Trane.

What happened to Snowball I?

The original Snowball, also a Climatuff® compressor, began its life in late 1972, running nearly 28 years under the same SEET lab standards and encasing itself in a ball of ice. It ran at an estimated 3500 rpm, equaling an automobile running between 60 and 70 miles per hour, covering 14.8 million miles. Now, that’s a road trip.

The funny story behind Snowball is that it showed up at the lab “DOA” for some unexplained reason, but when it was started up it ran fine. Not just fine, it ran great. Well, what do you do with a compressor that’s running great? At the Trane SEET lab, you re-weld it and put it into continuous flood test mode. Five presidents later and after seeing the rise and fall of disco, glam rock and grunge music, Snowball finally ran out of steam, but left a legacy in the name of the patented Trane Climatuff® compressor found in every Trane heat pump and air conditioner today.

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16-ton Belly-flop
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Hail in the form of 100mph fastballs. And C-4.

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Trane’s History

Over a century of award-winning innovation

For more than a century the Trane name has identified products and technology that stretched the world’s idea of what was possible – a tradition that’s still very much with us.

Founded in La Crosse, Wisconsin in 1885, and finally incorporated in 1913, Trane has over 120 years of experience in the business.

In many ways, the Trane story is a classic American success story that grew into a global one. It began with our founder, James Trane, a Norwegian immigrant who opened his own plumbing shop in La Crosse, Wisconsin, in 1885. With the inspiration of cold Wisconsin winters, James Trane invented a new low-pressure heating system he proudly called the Trane Vapor Heating System. His son, Reuben, was just back from college with a degree in mechanical engineering, so father and son began manufacturing operations in 1910 and incorporated as The Trane Company in 1913. It was Reuben’s invention of the convector radiator in 1923 that firmly established the company’s reputation as an innovator, a reputation Trane people have been building on ever since.

Over the years, here are some Trane highlights:

  • The idea of using technology to give people relief from summer heat was a radical and unproven idea when Trane became an air conditioning pioneer in 1931.
  • Trane fundamentally changed the concept of air conditioning large buildings with the 1938 launch of Turbovac, the industry’s first hermetic, centrifugal refrigeration machine. This was the beginning of a long chain of innovations leading to Trane’s current CenTraVac®, the industry standard for large commercial air conditioning systems. This is the most energy efficient system available anywhere for large buildings and it has earned Trane the “Best of the Best” Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • With the acquisition of Sentinel Electronics in the late 1970s, Trane moved into the important building automation and management field. The company was the first to offer integrated controls for all its products and became a leader in the still new field of energy management, a leadership position that continues to expand.
  • Our days as a leader in residential air conditioning began in 1982. That’s when Trane took advantage of an opportunity to acquire General Electric’s Central Air Conditioning Division.
    In 1984 Trane was acquired by American Standard Companies and remained the largest of its three businesses: Air Conditioning Systems and Services, Vehicle Control Systems (WABCO) and Bath and Kitchen.
  • On June 5, 2008, global diversified industrial company Ingersoll Rand acquired Trane, furthering its transformation into a multi-brand commercial products manufacturer serving customers in diverse global markets, and away from the capital-intense, heavy-machinery profile of its past. With Trane now part of the family, Ingersoll Rand is better able to provide products, services and solutions to enhance the quality and comfort in homes and buildings, and enable companies and their customers to create progress. Other well-known brands that are part of the Ingersoll Rand family include Schlage, Thermo-King, Club Car, Hussmann and Ingersoll Rand.

Trane’s Reliability

With Excellent Technology and A Highly Trained Workforce

At Trane, they don’t just build our products. They own patents on them. And they don’t just test our products. They push them to the extreme, because if it can’t make it through their torturous testing, you’ll never see it in your home.

Built by Trane

Every Trane product is designed down to every detail and rigorously tested for reliability and durability. While other manufacturers build their products from the same “pool” of parts available to anyone, they make it a point to be uniquely better, innovative and always looking to the future. To do that, Trane has to design, build, test, and rebuild some of their own parts. Trane knows they work because they push them well beyond the industry standards, making sure they match the reliability people expect when they own a Trane. From the durable Climatuff® compressor to the exclusive Spine Fin™ coil to the revolutionary Hyperion™ air handler—and a number of other patented innovations—when you own a Trane, you’re getting more than reliable comfort and you’re getting it year after year.

Trane has 1500 patents and counting, and they have their engineers, throughout their history, to thank for that kind of advancement and success. Trane people are respected industry-wide for their skills and performance in designing, manufacturing and marketing commercial and residential systems and for providing customers with the support they need.

The customer satisfaction ratings of 93 percent consistently earned by our Trane residential systems are supported by a nationwide network of 10,000 contractors and dealers in the U.S. as well as 100 independent and company-owned distributors.

In a tradition that goes back to Trane’s early days, they are constantly upgrading the skills of already highly trained people to stay on top of emerging technical priorities. That’s why Trane has more than 680 engineers certified as Accredited Professionals under the U.S. Green Building Council’s prestigious Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. We’re also proud that Trane has 40 engineers specializing in environmental issues and we look forward to their doubling the number of both groups of skilled professionals over the next five years.

Tested to Extremes

At the SEET lab in Tyler, Texas—which stands for Systems Extreme Environmental Test—Trane products are put through 16 weeks of bone-chilling cold and blistering heat, in repeating two-week sessions. Some units endure over 2,600 hours of continuous testing, including a full week of salt spray to monitor corrosion resistance. Our technicians have tried to break our Climatuff® compressor over 900 ways, which has produced a saying at Trane, if a product doesn’t make it through our test lab it doesn’t get made. By putting our heating and cooling units through 5 years worth of wear and tear in the matter of a few months, we reinforce our philosophy of making products you can rely on for years and years. It’s hard to stop a Trane isn’t just a tagline…it’s been proven.

Backed by Experts

Every manufacturer will say that their products are the best, but when industry experts give a tip of the hat to your work, that’s backing it up with proof. Popular Mechanics dubbed the Trane ComfortLink™ II control as one of The Year’s Most Transformative Products, awarding it their 2010 Breakthrough Award.

A Harvard-led, independent research project evaluated the air cleaning performance of several in-duct and portable devices, and found conclusive results: Trane CleanEffects™ is the world’s most effective whole-house air filtration system.

Some of the industry’s leading experts, including Harvard professors Dr. Jack McCarthy and Dr. John Spengler, give proof to this claim after administering rigorous tests as part of a joint research project between the firm Environmental Health & Engineering (EH&E) and the Harvard School of Public Health and the University of Georgia.

The tests centered on evaluating the air cleaning performance of several in-duct and portable devices including Trane CleanEffects™ whole house air cleaning system. The research was conducted in a test home located at EH&E headquarters in Newton, Massachusetts. What they found was that not only did Trane CleanEffects™ prove to be the most effective whole-house air filtration system, it also removed 99.98% of all airborne particulates and allergens from the air inside the home.

So, while they’re known for reliable heating and air conditioning, they also seem to be setting the industry standard in smart home and clean air technology, because your home comfort deserves constant innovation.

ComfortLink™ II

Zoning Control

Zoned comfort. With Trane’s innovative ComfortLink™ II Zoning System, you’ll be able to direct more heated or cooled air where it is needed-and less where it isn’t. So room by room or zone by zone, you will enjoy steady precise comfort on demand

Smart Control Of Your Comfort

Most homes don’t get the same amount of sun or shade all day, so why would you expect to need the same type of cooling or heating all day? With Trane’s ComfortLink™ II Zoning system, you’ll be able to set a schedule on your thermostat based on your home’s unique temperature patterns and control it all from wherever life takes you with Nexia™ Home Intelligence. Every ComfortLink II Control comes with remote “climate access”, allowing you to monitor and control your zoning system through any web-enabled device

Trane Comfortlink™ II Control

At the heart of your Trane zoning system, you’ll find the Trane ComfortLink™ II Control. It’s more than a thermostat—it’s an easy-to-use advanced command center that provides a seamless interface between your system and your life.

Wired Zone Thermostat/sensor

Acting as both a sensor and a zone thermostat, the temperature data is relayed to the Trane ComfortLink™ II Control, while also allowing temperature adjustment of an individual zone. Perfect for a master bedroom or guest room.

Wired Zone Sensor

This sensor provides temperature data to the Trane ComfortLink™ II Control, allowing heated and cooled air to be directed where it’s needed. The temperature in zones with a Wired Zone Sensor is adjusted using the Trane ComfortLink™ II Control. Perfect for a child’s room or hallway.

Motorized Modulating Dampers

Trane’s exclusive motorized modulating dampers work inside your ductwork by opening and closing in partial increments so you can fine-tune zoned areas for maximum comfort.

Synchronized Comfort

Connect your Trane ComfortLink™ II Control and zoning equipment to a perfectly matched Trane variable-speed indoor unit and multi-stage outdoor unit and you’ll see for yourself. Every component is designed to work in harmony with the others—optimizing your comfort and energy use combined with the enhanced humidity control you’ll only find with a Trane matched system.

Precise Comfort on Demand

Unlike conventional systems that can only heat or cool the entire house at once, a zoning system directs heated and cooled air on a zone-by-zone basis, allowing you to control each for customized comfort throughout. Motorized modulating dampers can be installed within your new or existing ductwork to redirect cooled air where it’s needed, keeping temperatures consistent throughout your house. You can heat or cool zoned areas of your house from one simple location—your ComfortLink™ II Control, or if you’re not at home, through your smartphone or web-enabled device.

Zone Control

Monitor the temperature in each zone of your home at a glance, and change them as needed with just a touch.

Zone Menu Screen

Access the most important zoning features—all in one place.


A bright, clear scheduling interface makes it easy to use less energy when your home is unoccupied.

System Usage

A detailed history of your system’s run times, broken down by zones, makes it easy to better plan your energy management.

Product Integrations with Amazing Technology and Add Ons

Complete comfort control—from anywhere

By partnering with Schlage® to offer Nexia™ Home Intelligence, every ComfortLink™ II Control comes with remote climate access, allowing you to remotely monitor and control your system through any wed-enabled device.

Always Control Clean Air Output

For cleaner air on demand, the Trane ComfortLink™ II Control can boost your system’s filtered air output for three hours at a time using the Quick Clean setting or for 24 consecutive hours by using the Allergy Clean setting.

Always Prepared

Using your wireless network, the Trane ComfortLink™ II Control can display live weather data for your area, including forecasts, weather radar and alerts, so you know what to expect when you open the door.

Always Informed

System alerts and reminders are clearly displayed on the screen, so you’ll know system and filter status at a glance.

Always In Touch

For your convenience, the Trane ComfortLink™ II Control will display your dealer’s contact information if service or regular maintenance is required.

Customizable Background Colors

To further integrate the Trane ComfortLink™ II Control into your home, choose one of the eight fashionable background colors for the display.

To learn more about how you can integrate a Trane ComfortLink™ II Control into your home, find a dealer and speak to them about how to truly customize your home’s comfort.



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