Home automation with ComfortLink II thermostat

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With our Trane ComfortLink II XL 1050 – Nexia™ powered thermostat control, you can be two places at once. This thermostat gives you the flexibility to add an array of smart devices to monitor and control your home with the strong security that only Nexia offers.

The XL 1050  smart thermostat works in concert with the Nexia system to provide the convenience and advantages of a smart home.

  • Voice Control: Control your XL 1050, lights and small appliances with voice commands using Amazon Echo or Google Home.
  • Simplified Scheduling: Log on to your account within the Nexia portal.  Simply set up your thermostat scheduling to your desired preference.
  • Runtime History: Keep track of your system by downloading the cooling and heating system runtime histroy from Nexia.
  • Nexia Diagnostics: With your approval, Nexia Diagnostics allows your local dealer to remotely monitor your home’s heating and cooling system using real-time performance data, ensuring you receive the highest possible level of Customer Service from Trane and your Trane dealer.
  • Automations: By connecting additional devices to the XL 1050’s built-in bridge, you will unleash the full capabilities of Nexia smart home system with automations.  These automations allow your smart devices to operate automatically based on specific conditions or time of day.  For example, with the addition of a compatible touchpad door lock,  your thermostat can change to your preferred temperature setting when you enter your home.
  • To reduce energy usage, use window and door sensors to determine when a door or window is left open and adjust the XL 1050’s temperature setting.



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