Wally’s Corner

Meet Wally, the Number #1 Fan and Mascot of The Woodlands Plumbing and Air.

Wally HelloAlways curious, Wally followed the coolest breeze in The Woodlands and waddled right into our shop! He saw our dedication to our customers and our expertise in keeping things cool and comfortable and realized that he had found his calling and his new home. In fact, we often refer to our office as Wally’s World. We’ve learned a lot from Wally and his penguin ways.

Partners for Life

Just as penguins form lifelong bonds, at The Woodlands Plumbing and Air, we’re dedicated to earning customers for life. We believe in nurturing lasting relationships – not just through exceptional air conditioning, heating, and plumbing services – but by being a partner, you can trust year after year to maintain and care for your home.

Caring for Our Community

Penguins live and come together in large colonies because they realize that life is easier together. We agree. Which is why we’re more than just a local home service company, we’re partnering with local organizations to support, enrich, and give back to our community. Each year, we host an annual charity fundraiser, participate in donation drives, and support non-profit initiatives that make our community better and stronger for everyone. Recently, our pet project, Coco’s Causes, raised over $50,000 for animals in need!

Do Your Best – Every Day

Wally AC RepairPenguins understand the importance of putting your best foot forward – they wear a Tuxedo every day!

But since our Tuxedo uniform idea didn’t work out so well, The Woodlands Plumbing and Air embodies this trait by simply doing the best job the right way the first time. Whether it’s a tricky plumbing repair or a routine HVAC check-up, we are committed to giving our all and putting our dedication and expertise to work for you.

We love Wally and hope that you do too!

He is always here to help and never fails to make us smile. He’s more than a mascot; he serves as a reminder of our commitment to our customers and our community. We’re all working together to keep it cool in The Woodlands!



We love pets and The Woodlands. Each summer we host a charity fund drive for great non-profits in our community. Learn more.