How Can We Appreciate Our Teachers in August?

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Teacher Appreciation

With kids heading back to school, we think it’s a great opportunity to honor the teachers who have held it together through a pandemic that led to a year and a half of canceled school, online classes, reinterpretation of what classrooms and school days look like, and so much more. These teachers have gone above and beyond to help our children continue to learn and feel seen. As we head back into the classrooms, it’s important to remember that teachers are working so hard to love, support, and teach amidst ever-changing conditions and regulations. Let’s be sure to show them how much we appreciate their dedication to our kids!

Write a Note

A simple “thank you” can go a long way in making a teacher feel seen and appreciated. Start the year off by letting your kids’ teachers know that you’re on their team, you see their work, and you appreciate them for investing in their students. Have your kids make them a card, write out a note, or send an email early on to let them know how thankful you are for them! If you’d like, you can include a small gift or gift card to put a smile on their faces.

Amazon Wish List

Most teachers use their own money to buy supplies and materials for their classrooms. They know that the bare minimum isn’t going to give your children the best chance to learn and understand, so they purchase supplies that will make the learning experience more enjoyable. From decorating the classroom to creating learning stations, setting up a classroom is no small feat. Many teachers have a wish list on Amazon that contains items they need or feel would be beneficial to their students. If you’re unsure whether or not your child’s teacher has one, just ask! If they don’t happen to have one set up, Amazon gift cards are always a huge blessing so that they can purchase the items themselves. Gifting these items are a helpful way to show teachers that you support and appreciate them. 

Be A Partner

The best way to support a teacher is just to be involved with your child’s education. Consistent communication and support go a long way in ensuring that teachers see that you are on their team. Not only does this help teachers, but it gives your child a better chance at success. Understanding what they’re like in the classroom gives you as a parent an opportunity to help your child overcome challenges. Speak kindly about their teachers so that children feel safe in their classrooms and they know that their teacher is worthy of trust. Foster their relationship with their teachers in order to help teachers do their jobs effectively. 


As August is upon us, be sure to take a moment and thank a teacher. At the Woodlands AC, we appreciate their dedication and wish them all the best this school year!



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