Surviving the Hottest Months of the Year

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Texas is hot. There’s no question about it! And when the heat rises, so do our energy bills. What if we told you that there are a few ways to stay cool and save money during the hottest months of the year? Keep reading to find out our favorite tricks!

Clear the Way

For your AC system to work at its full capacity, airways have to stay clear. This starts with your air filters. The air filters in your home get clogged up with dust and debris, which causes your system to work overtime to push the air through. It’s important to keep up with regular filter changes in order to allow the air to flow without restriction. Clean air filters can reduce energy consumption by up to 15%! Outside, check the unit regularly and clear any debris or vegetation that could block airflow.

Keep An Eye on the Temperature

Adjusting your thermostat 7-10 degrees can cut energy costs by up to 10%. Based on a recommendation from the US Department of Energy, 78 degrees is the ideal temperature during the summer. If that seems high to you, consider turning on ceiling fans. Fans circulate air to create a wind chill that can make the temperature feel around 4 degrees lower. Fans and your AC system can work together to cool your home efficiently. A smart thermostat can be very helpful in regulating the temperature of your home and saving energy. Nest thermostats were found to have saved an average of 15% on cooling costs by automating temperature adjustments.

Prep Your Home

These changes can help reduce energy costs, but in order to enhance the savings, it’s important to take your actual home into account. Energy Star-rated windows can impact your yearly heating and cooling costs by 30% by helping keep temperatures consistent and protect your home from damaging UV rays. It can also be helpful to go around and check the cracks and openings, and seal any areas where air may be escaping or entering. The “dollar bill test” can help determine if a gap is large enough to allow air to flow where it’s not supposed to.

Energy savings in the summer don’t have to be a large adjustment or expense. A few simple steps can make a difference towards lowering energy bills and keeping your home cool all summer long!



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